After you’ve heard it for the first time, you’ll always cherish the moment Bidisha Ghosh’s vocals begin its dance through Sumkali’s new album, which is the record’s very first second.

India-inspired, USA-based Sumkali brings together musicians from two continents and instruments like sitar, bansuri flute, tanpura, tabla, jaw harp – as well as violin and bass. An already well-established collective, they’ve been updating Indian tradition with contemporary influences, in the right proportions.

Released this summer and available in its entirety on Bandcamp, “Tihai” (a term from Indian music) is Sumkali’s third album. The opening Bengali song, “Jhiri Jhiri”, is a love poem to the beauty of the woods, birds among the trees and the blue sky above.


Sumkali on Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, www.

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