Even though it’s Perunggu’s full-length debut album, there’s something comfortingly familiar about “Memorandum”.

Perhaps it’s the late Nineties and early Noughties alternative rock and emo influences, perhaps it’s the adherence to good old-fashioned song craft, tight musical performances and meaningful lyrics.

Either way, the Bandung-bred, Jakarta-based trio of Maul Ibrahim (vocals, guitar), Adam Adenan (bass, vocals) and Ildo Hasman (drums, vocals) serve up 11 songs that run the gamut from the mosh-inducing “Tarung Bebas” to the tender “Ini Abadi”, with lyrics that touch on fatherhood (“Pastikan Riuh Akhiri Malammu”), grief (“Kalibata, 2012”), spirituality (“33x”) and much more.

It’s no wonder that Perunggu has become your favorite band’s favorite band, and their gigs have taken on a euphoric, religious-like quality in which teardrops flow both within the crowd and on the stage.

And while Maul, Adam and Ildo may have started the band as a means of blowing off steam from their corporate careers, you wouldn’t blame them for thinking about giving up their day jobs. (Hasief Ardiasyah)

Stream “Memorandum” LP on Spotify.

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