Polka Wars

Just like many other great bands, Jakarta-based quartet Polka Wars grew out of a classroom. Formed almost four years ago by school friends, the group has been gradually drawing attention to the point that their debut album, “Axis Mundi”, can be called one of the most anticipated Indonesian indie releases of 2015.

Although the CD version of the record will come out in August, the digital version is already out there, and we’ve been enjoying the first single “Mokelé” since spring.

With unforgettable vocal melody and garage-turned-orchestral rock arrangement, “it rises, it falls”, to quote Karaeng Adji Putra’s lyric. While its 6 minutes seem much too short, fortunately we now have the whole album. Though you might feel exactly the same as soon as “Axis Mundi” stops spinning.


Polka Wars on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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