Tigapagi (three A.M. in Indonesian language) is a collective known for their trademark marriage of classic folk and Sundanese (an ethnic group in Indonesia) pentatonic scales.

The Bandung-based group’s debut album, “Roekmana’s Repertoire”, was considered to be one of the best released in 2013 by major publications and music websites in Indonesia.

Their music is almost dream-like and never fails to stir the heart. Consistently bringing up a painful subject of the darkest days in Indonesian history since their debut, Tigapagi does it again with their newest EP that spans 10 minute long, “Sembojan”.

Smoothly they knit strings and guitars in somber notes with poetry in engaging vocals. A social commentary or concern delivered without raised fists but powerful nevertheless.

Tigapagi is impressively limber in incorporating nuances of music and poetry, to say the least. Making music in their own terms, they are exciting and unlike any other.


Tigapagi on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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