Ingrid Lukas

With her most modern sounding material to date, Estonian-born, Swiss-based artist Ingrid Lukas keeps broadening her music vision on the third studio album, “We Are”.

She has already appeared on beehype about a year ago with the beautiful piece “Võimas Aparaat” sung in her mother tongue. Her new full-length effort is dominated by English, except two short but very beautiful interludes.

Released on Ronin Rhythm Records, the label of the experimental pianist Nik Bärtsch, “We Are” LP is also full of synthesisers and electronic elements. This modern mood shows Ingrid’s fascination with forward-thinking artists like Thom Yorke, Björk or DJ Spooky, as well as her need to “stand up from the grand piano and start to move.”

While you can stream “We Are” LP in its entirety here, you might start with the eponymous track. Apart from the original album version, it’s got two remixes delivered by the German producer Manuel Tur. And one of them has recently received an atmospheric visual treatment from the French director Rémi Pinaud.

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