Midnight. Under two oak trees that flank the road from Rīga to Ērgļi, a female creature is brushing her hair. As the legend tells us, those who see her will die immediately.

But what exactly is death? Maybe this mysterious creature lures us into unknown territory? The song “King of the Wild Things” by the Latvian duo Instrumenti explores this place in-between two worlds that happens on the threshold of passing out or even – away.

The film, beautifully made by Uģis Olte, tells a story about a wild animal’s encounter with a man in a metaphoric and symbolic way. And takes us to a place that seems totally mundane on the surface, but actually is a surreal territory in-between.

Animals live a secret life, which is not ought to be seen by humans. Yet, the human and animal worlds are inevitably intertwined. A collision between those two worlds takes place when a car, the great invention of the human race, hits an animal. Don’t animals feel the deadly power of approaching horsepower and headlights? The conflict reveals an intimacy, which reminds of the ever-mysterious nature of interaction between the worlds of men and women.


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