Interview: Clubz

“This song marks a change on our composing road,” the Mexican duo Clubz tell us about their new maxi single “Épocas”, available via Canada Editorial. “We had this love for the Spanish new wave movement of the 80s (Movida Madrileña), 90s shoegaze and we were so curious about exploring the atmosphere of kraut rock.”

“In ‘Texturas’, we did what we couldn’t do with our last band, which was one of the reasons we now concentrate on this new project,” Clubz continue. “As there’s just two of us, we decided to incline ourselves into electronic music. It was something new for us to write music with electronic devices and it helped us play live without engaging other musicians.”

“By the time we got the 7 songs included in our first album, ‘Texturas‘, we didn’t stop working and pretented we’re recording a 9-song album. The last two songs we made during this creative process were ‘Épocas’ and ‘Ciclos’. By this time we had more experience working with electronics and we were excited to try new things, totally different of what we were doing for the last 2 years.”

“We were curious to explore this 80s / funky / r&b / pop whitout losing the strength and powerful sound the we made with distorted voices, loud guitars and upbeat tempo. It was kind of a challenge. We like a lot MJ’s ‘Thriller’ as well as albums that Prince, Madonna, The Jets, The System and Bee Gees recorded in early 80s.”

“We tried to create a retro sound mixed with a contemporary flavor. First, we made a rough track of the song with digital plugins of retro synths and a slap bass, but later this motivated us to make a research of the real machines that our influences used to record on during that period of time. We got a big list of drum machines, synthethizers, guitar pedals, and other things that we found on eBay and we raised some money to buy what we could.”

“After replacing what we had recorded for this real and analog vintage instruments our heads were blown away. Definitely we had a lot to work exploring these new toys. So we decided ‘Épocas’ was going to be a new start to make our next album that we are actually now working on.”


Clubz on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp.

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