Interview: Hatis Noit

Hatis Noit (ハチスノイト) comes from Shiretoko, Hokkaido, but nowadays she lives in Tokyo. She has studied ballet, theater, koto, gagaku, folk songs, and is a member of groups Mutyumu (夢中夢) and Magdala.

But recently, she’s released a solo album “Universal Quiet” containing her voice – and nothing more.

“Voice is a primal instrument. As it’s closest to us, it gives us maximum freedom. I am fascinated by its possibilities,” Hatis Noit explains. “Apart from being in a band, I would like to explore this freedom and where I can go with my voice”.

“When I was teenager, I traveled to Lumbini in Nepal. I met a nun who sung fascinating song. It was my first experience being attracted by voice,” Hatis remembers. As she is also a psychotherapist, she is convinced about the similarities between creating music and psychology.

“I think that creating and contemplating music and the world of deep psyche are truly the same,” she says. “There’s this ‘primal’ place within me. It’s like a quiet spring in the middle of the forest, but at the same time everything around in nature is talking to each other. Not like a human conversation, rather noises coming from everything there.”

“It’s like chaos that cannot be understood logically. But it’s so warm and tender, and it accepts everything just the way it is. It’s a safe place, one that brings a peaceful state of mind. For me it might be like a forest in Siretoko, where I grew up, but it can also be this metaphisical place that everyone has in their minds.”

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