Interview: Mammút

Mammút’s lead singer, Katrína Mogensen, has co-directed the video for “Þau svæfa” together with Sunneva Ása Weisshappel. Both of them have graduated from the Art Academy of Iceland, and they’ve collaborated earlier on the album cover of Mammút’s latest album “Komdu til mín svarta systir” (Come to Me, My Dark Sister), which won the Icelandic music award for the album cover of 2013. We asked Katrina to explain us their new single and the video.

“The song itself is about how ideas, people, originality, something that represents a fragile state of thinking, the grassroots – can easily be corrupted or suppressed by the authority. Authority meaning whatever you look up to or is controlling you in any way. The lyrics then lead you into how you can build your own fire and drag your body out of a sleepy ocean. There is no conclusion in the lyrics and it sounds more like a riddle than a direct message.”

“The music video is then an interpretation of the lyrics and the song. The images are chosen from an angle of the beauty the song represents. We don’t find the frames shocking. We think the shock effect does not lie in the images themselves, but in the combination of the frames and the music.”

“There is an uncertain and shocking feel to the song and lyrics, so the images are a logical continuation of that feeling. The music video flirts with memories and an urge to expand.”


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