Interview: NOON

“I’ve never produced a remix in my career,” admits NOON, electronic musician, composer and one of the most acclaimed producers in Poland, responsible for some of local hip-hop scene’s landmark albums. “But Jacek, the manager of XxanaxX band, wanted me to do one.”

“He was literally chasing me down for a half year,” says NOON (born Mikołaj Bugajak). “Eventually I came up with an idea of doing a rework, a completely new track based on Klaudia, vocal parts of Klaudia, XxanaxX’s singer.”

“I’ve used a few very emotional snippets and started building a track from a scratch. I was really excited to use my latest experiences of working with rock’n’roll and classical musicians. I recored bass guitar, drums and viola and started to process sounds to achieve my gritty, 12bit sound.”

“I was after creating a feeling of getting deeper and deeper into a dark garden. I’m really happy with the result and an edit of this rework is one of the highlights of my live show.”


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