Interview: Sibéri

“I moved to Berlin four years ago to make this project. The idea came when I was in Russia, where I already gave it a name: Sibéri,” says the French-born Berlin-based artist known as Julien, who’s just released a hypnotizing new video, “DIVE”.

We asked him about the single, his interest in music and his favourite French song.

About “DIVE”:

“It’s summer in Berlin, I’m going through those joyfull times you sometimes have in life when everything is light after ages spent in the dark,” he continues. “Soon, I would be in Corsica where I would write ‘DIVE’, by the sea. On my trip, I take a Zither with me. It’s an old Bavarian instrument I found at my grandparents house. This is the first song I write about desire.”

“Desire is like swimming together with someone at night. Desire is like diving together in the dark. Soon, after swimming some distance together, you find yourself together in the middle of an ocean and you drown together, or even drawn together.”

“I love this feeling of swimming in the sea at night and I think the video – made by Jens Vandendriessche with my friend Mora – illustrates perfectly this sensation.”

How it all started:

“In my teenage years, I found relief and peace of mind while doing music. Anything could happen, I had music. Since then music goes with me on a lifelong-travel.”

“It’s just recently that I decided to open this daybook and let like-minded people have a look into it”

Best French song ever?

“My favourite French song is “Pas Toi” by Jean-Jacques Goldman – my elder sister used to sing it to me as a lullaby.”

photo: Daniela Mace Rossiter

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