Interview: Wolfspider

Half-French producer Steve John Salic and half-American singer Savannah Lumen met by chance in Manila last December. “Wolfspider is a project conceived from working on a couple of collaborations with Savannah,” Steve tells us. “The flow of music came so fluid we started producing beats in her apartment studio and releasing them under the name Wolfspider.”

“It’s one of those songs that just had that spark after creating that vocal backing loop,” he says about Wolfspider’s latest track, “See Through Doors”. “We were both so inspired by it that everything afterwards webbed. The vibe was set, I hit record and the first take was the one. It was magical to say the least.”

“We are going to be dropping more free downloads in the next month,” Steve adds. “And have plans on dropping debut EP this fall.”


Wolfspider on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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