On their sophomore album, the Copenhagen-based duo of Stine Grøn and Adi Zukanović continue to create dreamy, mystical music.

With its hauntingly beautiful melodies, epic themes, and intricate compositions, “Diamond Grid” is a very atmospheric and spiritual album.

Irah’s sound seamlessly fluctuates between electronic and acoustic, dynamic and calm, euphoric and lyrical. Its spaciousness and elegance seem to reflect the vastness and beauty of the universe.

While you might hear hints of Cocteau Twins or Massive Attack here and there, the mix of cosmic synths, majestic piano chords, ardent drumming, and ethereal vocals, is somehow entirely their own.

“Diamond Grid” is not flashy. There are no immediately catchy choruses or displays of instrumental prowess. However, its atmosphere gradually seeps into unconsciousness, and you might find yourself playing it repeatedly, over and over again. I, for one, will count it among the year’s best releases.

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