An up-and-coming trio from Denmark, IRAH started their official career a month ago with a strikingly beautiful single. Their just-released second track is as seducing.

On the debut single, “Into Dimensions“, recorded in Berlin and relased in mid-March via the invaluable Tambourhinoceros label, the Copenhagen-based group demonstrated two main things.

First, they know how to build emotions in their songs, starting minimally and then adding more and more layers bar by bar, until a flamboyant culmination in the last minute. And second, “Into Dimensions” introduced us to the wondrous voice of IRAH’s singer, Stine Grøn.

Not surprisingly, that single has been warmly welcomed both by listeners and music media you’d expect to pay attention to this kind of young talents. Yes, we could be a bit quicker too, but the delay lets us add the second chapter to IRAH’s short yet quickly developing career with their new single, “Mirroring”.

Like previously, airy synths and jazz-y drums brought by, respectively, Adi Zukanović and Oliver Laumann pave the way for Stine’s delicate vocals. And once again the overall sound thickens gradually, with wordless vocals hovering over a growing mound of keyboards – until a slightly more restrained final.

“The lyrics is about self reflection,” Stine explained, “especially the idea that the things you choose to believe about yourself somehow will manifest in your consciousness, and become your reality. Which makes you the creator of your own life.”

Photo credit: Nick Hune

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