The Entropies

Oriental guitar riffs, European folk fiddle-melodies, fatten distorted bass-lines played by a cello and energetic drum patterns all along lyrics by Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet.

The Entropies happened when an Iranian singer and guitar player met a cellist and drummer from the Czech Republic, and a Slovakian violin player in Brno. Their different ideas and musical backgrounds reached a point of balance somewhere in the middle.

Soheil, the Iranian singer and songwriter, found out that his new flatmates were members of a neoclassical rock/metal band (two cellos, one fiddle, drums and vocal) called Clawed Forehead. He worked with them on a few tracks for a TV show. After some time, the singer of CF left the band, so they asked Soheil to join them.

Eventually, the drummer and the other cello player left as well. So CF technically disbanded. That’s when they found a 20-year old drummer with a jazz background, and that was the birth of The Entropies, out of entropy.

Soheil thinks that it’s not his job to define their style. But generally, he considers their music as progressive rock: “…an unusual combination of oriental melodies and progressive rock together with an unconventional choice of instruments.”

The members of the band are Soheil (guitar and vocals), Gabriela (violin), Michal (cello) and Ester (drums). They play in small venues, pubs and the streets of Brno, and have done a few tours. “Chonan Mastam” (“I’m So Drunk”) is their first single that was published a few weeks ago and the second one, “Mr. Ambassador” is in the process of mixing and mastering.


The Entropies on Facebook, YouTube.

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