Heartfelt sound of the Name band is quietly catchy from the beginning. With their minimal arrangement they try to reflect their personal universe in their songs. As they said, they are “searching for influential and colorful sounds.”

Name is an experimental electronic duo. Maryam and Milad, a couple from Rasht, the capital of the green northern province of Gilan. The band formed in 2010, and works with the Spanish label Oído Records. Now they are in the final stage of production of their debut album that includes this single.

Although their electronic style suggests different inspirations, they are influenced by baroque music and contemporary musicians like Arvo Pärt, David Lang and Aziza Mustafa Zadeh. Milad, an elecronic engineer, is more into electronic musical devices, but Maryam plays flute and is interested in singing in classical way.

Their ideal music is combination of electronic and acoustic instruments. But because of the limitations they have to work completely electronic. They do all the musical process including recordings, mixings and masterings by themselves at their home studio, that’s why Milad calls their works “more as demos”.


Name on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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