Dana Ivgy (דאנה איבגי)

Daughter of actors and an acclaimed Israeli actress herself, Dana Ivgy (דאנה איבגי) has been also involved in directing and – now officially – music after the recent release of her debut album, “ID”.

The 33 years old songwriter started working on this release way back in her twenties. As she openly admits – sometimes it was a struggle. But the result as in one of the most diverse, sophisticated and simply charming collection of songs you’ll hear this year not only in Israel.

In the 11 tracks making up the 35-minute record – available in its entirety on Bandcamp – you’ll hear lyrics in English, Hebrew, and even some French verses. And the mostly acoustic/rock arrangements are pleasingly decorated with strings and brass.

If being a great actor or actress is about capturing and keeping attention of those in front of you, then Dana Ivgy has smoothly translated this talent into music.


Dana Ivgy on Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook.

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