Daniel Sapir

To a random Israeli listener Daniel Sapir’s self-titled debut album might seem as one of many – there are so many singer-songwriters of similar manners that it’s easy to take Sapir’s music for granted.

It takes a second and third careful listening to truly understand the great amount of talent invested in this record. Daniel Sapir (דניאל ספיר), whose main instrument is the contrabass, has carefully crafted a unique and inconspicuous album that puts emphasis on the smallest details.

It is also a very accurate representation of the current Israeli folk/soft rock music, and a well produced peace (Hila Roach co produced with Sapir) led by a very skillful writer and musician.

Sapir has collaborated with some of Israel’s finest young musicians who helped turn his soft singing and honest writing to one of this year’s most beautiful albums – which you can stream in its entirety here.


Daniel Sapir on Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube.

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