Noa Babayof

Soft voice accompanied by equally delicate strings – violin and double bass – trumpet, shimmering cymbals, and the piano in the background. The latter one coming from Yoav Brill, who also arranged this charming track by Noa Babayof.

This Israeli singer debuted in 2007 with “From A Window To A Wall”, an elegant folk-pop record sung in English and recorded in Philadelphia. The follow-up, “Take Care”, came out five years later – and both albums are now available on Bandcamp.

Noa’s recent music sees her grow as a songwriter and performer. And with songs like “Blue Bound” we should expect her forthcoming new record to be one of the most interesting Israeli releases of 2015.

Noa Babayof on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, TwitterYouTube.

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