Riff Cohen

With her Algerian-Tunisian-French roots, the unpredictable Israeli singer-songwriter Riff Cohen brings back all of her musical heritage into our post modern world.

Her deservedly viral video “Helas” (meaning “Too Bad”), released a few months ago, is a song about one of the basic characteristics of us humans – we want what we can’t have.

“I put on my glittery dress”, “put my sister’s high hills on”, “tatoos on my arms,” Riff sings in French (she also performs in Hebrew and Arabic). “But,” she adds, “you dont see me.”

Eventually, he actually does notice her. Too bad it’s too late. She’s already got her courage – after getting crazy about him – packed her sleeping bag, and left for Himalayas.

You can also check out Riff’s latest video, “Marrakech“.


Photo by  Basile Tournier

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