Tuna (טונה)

Tuna (טונה) is a key figure in the Israeli music scene, well known and very respected. He’s been involved in multiple music projects for more than a decade now, but no one expected 2015 to be the year of Tuna in Israel.

A story of a broken heart, “Gam Ze Ya’avor” (“This Too Shall Pass”) captured the hearts of many. Throughout the video, Tuna argues that heartbreak will pass with time just like Netscape, Crocs, Walkman, “Macarena”, Tamagotchi, Samantha Fox and techno.

The song – which comes off Tuna’s new album “גם זה יעבור” available in its entirety on Bandcamp – is accompanied by a killer retro video brilliantly directed and edited by Naor Suki:

So while everybody’s trying to help, all scars will heal with time. Just stay cool.

Like the rest of the world, Israel is in the midst of a huge 90’s tidal wave. This nostalgic trip with Tuna is just what mainstream radio needed to put him on the throne as King Tuna of 2015.


Tuna on YouTube, Facebook.

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