J. Bernardt

Emotional break-up album, “Contigo” is a must-listen for lovers of indie pop with a touch of melancholy.

Euro 2024, the European football championship, is in full swing in Germany, and after a false start, the Belgian Red Devils showed against Romania that the old and new generations complement each other perfectly.

In this way, they are a bit of a reflection of the current music scene, where up-and-coming talents like Bluai, Ise, or Rori are quickly and strongly asserting themselves, while experienced veterans like dEUS or Melanie De Biasio have recently shown with great albums that they are not yet ready to give up their place in the starting lineup.

The Balthazar clan also remains enormously productive and continues to impress, both in terms of quantity and quality. Earlier this year we got a great album by Zimmerman. Now, J. Bernardt, aka Jinte Deprez of Balthazar, released a highly enjoyable collection of songs called “Contigo,” and we are more than happy to shine our light on the single “Don’t get me wrong.”

“Don’t get me wrong” is about the complexities, uncertainties, and misunderstandings in a relationship. The singer acknowledges the beauty in their imperfections and longs to hear his partner’s voice to find solace amidst the chaos.

Despite attempts to communicate, they struggle with being misunderstood and with suspicion. The sound may be a bit cleaner than what we got from Jinte Deprez’s previous solo work, the Balthazar touch is undeniably there though.

“Contigo” is a must-listen for fans of J. Bernardt and Balthazar in general and for lovers of indie pop with a touch of melancholy. It is a captivating, lush and emotional break-up album and shows J. Bernardt at his best.

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