Weird, weirder, JAAA!

More than three years ago we interviewed a still-young alternative group called JAAA!, which believed they’re creating “freak electronic” music and they were quite right.

Now is a good moment to bring this band to your attention again since two weeks ago they released the second album called “Bujillo”. It further explores both the freak and electronic elements, but somehow with a stronger songwriting aspect behind their sound adventures. Think James Blake who forgot about the chorus. And about the lyrics. So he’s just improvising with some random syllables, and he’s really good at it.

For instance, the second track “Ten Jo!” seems like a modern remix of 1940s blues hymn. “Nap Nap” could be an outtake from “Kid A” outtakes. And for the most immediate “Tipi Nomo”, you would also need to add Boards of Canada into the mix.

Asked about their biggest inspirations by a Polish magazine, JAAA! themselves compiled a short playlists that includes tracks by Jon Hopkins, Son Lux, Young Fathers, alt-J, Sigur Rós, Kiasmos and Flying Lotus.

Asked about the concept behind “Bujillo” LP, they say they have just followed the story of the boy we met on their debut album. This time, he meets someone/something who/that is neither a person nor a ghost, but rather “a state of mind and some inner power” that facilites the boy’s evolution over the 8 tracks.

Now do the math and you might actually get precisely what JAAA! sound like.

Stream “Bujillo” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


JAAA! on Facebook, Instagram.

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