JadaL (جدل)

This summer, acclaimed Jordanian hard rock group JadaL (جدل) released their third full-length album “Malyoun”, a demonstration of the band’s songwriting skills and their dynamic sound.

Led by the composer, writer and guitarist Mahmoud Radaideh, the band have been around for more than a decade. But their debut album “Arabic Rocks” came out only in 2009, and was followed up by “El Makina” three years later.

“Malyoun” sees the band sound as powerful as ever, but the energy has a solid foundation in twelve mature, well-thought-out compositions that tend to keep you from the first to the last second of each song.

While you can download the album on iTunes and stream most of it on Soundcloud, here’s the eponymous song off the album and one of its most powerful ones, accompanied by a beautiful video story directed by Zein El Cheikh


JadaL on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

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