Jamala & DakhaBrakha

Last winter, Jamala and DakhaBrakha got together for a 6-hour jam, which resulted in a song called “Zamanyly” (Заманили), which means “Caught”.

It’s an exceptional combination of a powerful and passionate voice of an Eurovision winner Jamala and unique massive sound of a worldwide known ethno-chaos band DakhaBrakha. Together, these musicians have achieved fascinating harmony and created truly amazing composition.

Although written last winter, “Zamanyly” was recorded in summer with Yuriy Khustochka as a soundproducer and released just about a week ago. Former member of Okean Elzy and Esthethic Education, Yuriy is a continuous sound man of DakhaBrakha and is probably the best for this role. He has mastered the song and we can hear how he has emphasized its mystic sound.

As for the experiment, in the search of a right sound Jamala suggested adding a little bit of electronics. She asked Ukrainian electronic musician Morphom to create his own version of “Zamanyly” and it turned out to be so good (listen below) that musicians couldn’t choose the right one for release. That’s why they published both versions for us to pick the favourite.

Released on Halloween, “Zamanyly” may be considered a mystic and dark song. The song starts with a bloodfreezing howl of wolves and you can literally see a dark nighttime forrest with a bright moon, if you close your eyes.

In the end of the song, musicians used a fragment of a Ukrainian folklore song “Надобраніч, Галю” (Goodnight, Galia), a mystic tale about mythical creatures. The main idea of “Zamanyly” is that without following one’s inner sense of truth, a person will be caught by evil people and bad powers.

Having ethno sound combined with a folklore song, “Zamanyly” is still about modern world problems. It has a lot of metaphores and symbols in it, but if we listen to the words carefully we will see its connection to the present time.

We look forward to hearing more from these musicians, as their collaboration turned out to be very interesting and unique. And which version of Zamanyly do you prefer?


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