JAN VAN & Pavlos Pavlidis

An unexpected collaboration and a notable EP, with six new songs full of emotionality and tuneful moments.

ΓΙΑΝ ΒΑΝ (JAN VAN), the adventurous project of Jan Van de Engel, was firstly introduced to our readers back in 2016 with some bizarre covers and imaginative compositions. Few weeks ago, they returned in discography next to one of beehype’s most familiar and beloved artists, singer-songwriter Pavlos Pavlidis, who was presented quite a few times since the launch of our platform (for past issues click here).

This time, Pavlidis sings in all of the six new compositions of JAN VAN, which are included at the release titled “Κακό Ποίημα” (Bad Poem), while Christos Lainas (now member of Pavlidis’ B-Movies band) has undertaken the production with success, fresh ideas and smooth electronic sounds.

Delightfully catchy with strong melodies, this EP comes with songs that are written indeed for Pavlos Pavlidis and have familiar layered collages that characterise his music style.

Listen to the following track, titled “Κλωστή” (Thread), that balances between dark pop and melancholy, and enjoy one of the finest tunes (and my favourite one) of this EP – a welcome cooperation with thoughtful songs and a nicely executed final result.

Stream “Κακό Ποίημα” EP on Bandcamp.


JAN VAN on Facebook. Pavlos Pavlidis on Facebook.

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