Jāņa Ruņģa klātbūtne

Delicate, expressive piano and guitars, combined with poetic melodies and steady voice.

In Northern European countries this is the time of the year when days are rather short, twilight mixes with calm grey tones, but the only thing that gives light is the snow white pattern of the ground.

This is rather suitable setting for the long-awaited debut album of Jāņa Ruņģa klātbūtne (The presence of Jānis Runģis), titled “Ārpus prātus” (“Beyond Mind”), which was released at the end of November.

Jānis Ruņģis is one of the most skilled Latvian guitar players who have collaborated with jazz, academic, pop and indie musicians. And this professional experience is one of the qualities of “Ārpus prātus” – here you can enjoy his delicate, gripping and expressive guitar play combined with poetic melodies and steady voice.

Jānis Ruņģis has been composing his own music since year 2012, but it took some time to get to the debut album. Still it was worth waiting because the result is stunning – it is balanced, polished and smart reflection of personal struggles that eventually leads to reconciliation. Yes, this is very personal album about parting and pain but it speaks to anyone. While listening to the album it feels like the artist is actually present.

By the way for me “Ārpus prātus” is also different kind of Christmas album.

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Photo: Alvils Bijons

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