Jane Bordeaux

Cycles, cycles, cycles… and then something breaks. Impressive video from Israeli group Jane Bordeaux.

Jane Bordeaux (ג’יין בורדו) are a young, Tel Aviv-based trio of singer and drummer Doron Talmon, guitarist Amir Zeevi and bassist Mati Gilad, who’ve gained a well-deserved fame with their new video, “Ma’agalim”.

They mix folk songs, country and indie rock in a classic but not too sentimental way. While they sing in Hebrew, their arrangements and melodies have enough universal appeal to have delighted lots of listeners internationally.

The unique clip for “Ma’agalim” was directed by Uri Lotan, and it features an old rotating penny arcade. The machine is a mataphor of our everyday life when “Nights turns into days / Days turn into years / And inside them I am going /Fast and in circles”.

But then a day comes when… well, check out for yourself.


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