Janne Schra

Upcoming new album from Janne Schra is a candidate for our soundtrack to this year’s summer.

Janne Schra has been releasing music over a decade now. Most Dutch people will know Schra as the singer of Room Eleven (who recently reunited for a couple of anniversary shows), but since 2011 she has been recording her own music.

In search of the right sound of her own music, Schra has been travelling, exploring and recording with other artists before settling down and starting to release music under her own name. In 2015 she finally released her solo debut “Ponzo“.

This month Schra and her band will release the follow-up record titled “OK“.

The singer has shared some splendid songs from the album already, amongst which is the warm indie pop gem “Good God”.

The latter combines Schra’s gentle vocals with rattling rhythms and and a bright guitar play. More upbeat is the catchy follow up single “Lights”, which is a friendly reminder we should stop being so hard for ourselves.

Being released on the 22nd of June, the new album OK arrives just in time to soundtrack our summer and we’re pretty sure it will soundtrack yours too.


Photo: Kees Vos

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