For listeners of cibo matto or Buffalo Daughter, this tune from the Nagoya-based group CHAI is an ideal marriage of post-punk sounds and electro hip-hop.

They are an all-female rock four-piece with keyboard player and two vocalists. They call themselves a “New Excite Onna Band”, where “onna” means “women.”

In an interview with OTOTOY magazine, they said: “This is a rhymed song about ‘hair’, which perfectly expresses so called ‘Cool Japan’, or you may say – a kind of cheesy one.” What do you think? I think it is the former. Awesome newcomer.

It might be worth adding that this song might be a homage to a Japanese popular hit song from the 80s, “Galundo”, which includes sexual lyrics about glamorous women and abdominal hair.

If you live in Japan, be sure to catch CHAI on their live events in Tokyo on December 13th, and in Nagoya on December 19th.


CHAI on Twitter, YouTube, www.

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