They call themselves “Japanese Minimal Mellow”. And if you like Burial or Jamie xx, this three-piece indie R&B group from Japan’s capital Tokyo is for you.

In an interview with “Belong”, drummer Teru Kawakami mentioned “similar aesthetics” to Warpaint. Listening Juana Molina’s “Segundo”, Daigo Sakuragi came up with his way to sing while playing guitar and keyboard. Bassist Jinya Ichikawa was influenced by distinctive atmosphere of repeated rhythms of The Books’ album “Lost and Safe”.

They respect The Books, and use sampled voice in their recording sessions. When Allen Ginsberg’s lazy voice appears ahead of the beat in the single “Ghana”, it feels all natural. And they keep adding new components to build a bigger structure just like The Books used to do.


Photograph by Rie Suzuki

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