High school girl rapper Daoko used to spend hours on video sharing websites, to eventually decide to start her own career.

To fill a hole in her heart, she raps about sorrow, regret and pain. She enjoys school life, but happiness does not go well together with music. Negative feelings suit art much better, she says.

She loves Vocaloid voice synthesizer and Sheena Ringo (椎名林檎), and she has covered “Suisei“, a hit song by tofubeats. She play music of “the very now”, inspired not only by other musicians, but also by movies, manga, and animation.

“Kakete Ageru”(かけてあげる)comes off her major debut album, titled simply “Daoko”. It was produced by Akito Katayose – also guitarist and vocalist of the rock band GREAT3 – whose solo album was produced by John McEntire.

Daoko on Twitter, YouTube, www.

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