Haisuinonasa (ハイスイノナサ)

Two keyboards, guitar, bass and drums give Haisuinonasa (ハイスイノナサ) an elegant math rock sound. They turn jazz and classical music into geometrical, but very pleasant post rock.

They are part of a Japanese post rock label Zankyo (残響). It is run by Kono, the guitarist of instrumental math rock group te’, and it has released 9mm Parabellum Bullet, People in the Box, Cinema Staff, Mudy on the Sakuban (昨晩) and The Cabs.

On Zankyo, Haisuinonasa – as well as Ame no Parade (雨のパレード) – represent the more art-oriented, less noisy post rock. As Haisuinonasa’s guitarist Yoshimasa Terui (照井順政) explains, they want to make the “sound of now”, and at the same time a sound that wouldn’t be forgotten.

The title of their recent video, “Chizu ni Nai Machi” (地図にない街), means “The city which isn’t on the map”.


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