Ide Kensuke to Bosen

Miyazaki-born, now living in Tokyo, Kensuke Ide started recording his music while he was working in a theater. After making two demo CD-Rs, he finally released his first album as Ide Kensuke to Bosen (井手健介と母船) with excellent musicians.

For example the single “Aoi Sanzoku” (青い山賊), or “Blue Bandit” features sorrowful flute, keyboard, and percussion by Eiko Ishibashi who appeared in our Best of 2014. The beautiful chorus is co-sung by the singer-songwriter Satoko Shibata.

In his self-directed video for “Aoi Sanzoku”, Kensuke’s journey reached a surprising ending. Accompanied by a classic guitar, he sings: “Nemuro”, or “Let’s sleep”. And his alter ego closes his eyes.


Ide Kensuke to Bosen on Twitter, www.

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