Kicell (キセル, meaning a Japanese pipe) plays acid folk like a trailing smoke. The twin vocal duo was founded by Tujimura (辻村) brothers.

Elder, Takefumi (豪文), plays guitar and drums; younger, Tomoharu (友晴), plays bass. Together they make family blood groove, influenced by soul, funk, and some Brazilian music.

Once Takefumi was one of the earliest supporting members of Quruli, because they were classmates at the Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. But Kicell resembles Haruomi Hosono’s Tin Pan Alley, much more than Quruli’s sound.

Through the Tohoku earthquake, they sing here not only for our generation but for the next generation as well. The lyrics state that past and future coexist in same time. Takefumi suffered to write these lyrics. He read books about the Second World War, and climbed Mount Takao (高尾山), in order to set himself in the right mood.

The title, “Toki wo Hanarete” (時をはなれて), means “Far away from an age”. Their smoky psychedelic sounds shine on a road to a certain future.

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