VIDEOTAPEMUSIC is a Tokyo-based solo musician who plays pianica, while sampling movies from old video tapes. He started his career when he was an art university student. He didn’t have much money and used video recorder to make music. His unique style has gradually formed.

In September, he released his second album “Sekaikakkoku no Yoru” (世界各国の夜), meaning “The Night of All Countries”, on the label kakubarhythm (カクバリズム). As the name of his project suggests, he has also been known as a movie director – and of course this song’s video was directed by himself.

The clip was inspired by Richard Quine’s movie “The World of Suzie Wong,” he said.

In this video in a mellow Chinese style, the cartoonist and musician Sansuke Yamada sings and plays a role of a Japanese who got separated from his beautiful woman for a long distance – she is a singer in Hong Kong. But even living in distant countries, we can still sing or listen to the same music together.


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