A subdued song that is bursting with dynamics.

A record to look forward to in 2022 is “Tasweerah”, the fourth full-length album by Tunisian singer/songwriter Jawhar, who moved from Tunis to France at the age of twenty and nowadays spends much of his time in Belgium, where he also found a musical home at the 62TV Records label.

Recently, we were already treated to the beautiful video of the forthcoming single “Schizo Hyout”, a subdued song that is bursting with dynamics thanks to the rhythm section. When you listen through the layers, you will discover a surprising world full of variation that reveals itself little by little.

As “Tasweerah” means at the same time: portrait, image, snapshot, but also projection of the mind, the album will be a series of freeze-frames, of more or less personal portraits. The songs are, each in their own way, attempts towards a universal portrait of the artist.

They question his place and that of the imagination in society, placing “creation and the quest for beauty” at the centre of the album.


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