Jazmín Esquivel y los Alces

Jazmín Esquivel y los Alces, as many other bands, started as a solo folk project of its leader singer, Jazmín.

When she was 16, this girl from Buenos Aires was told that she wouldn’t be able to sing due to a nodule. Some years later, another specialist recommended her a special treatment in which she found her voice she believed was lost (for singing). From then on, it has become her main instrument.

Jazmín described the birth of the band Los Alces as a natural process of adding people to the project. She says she’s more comfortable having a band because it’s important what everyone is doing, not only her vocals. She writes all the lyrics, and the whole band works on arrangements.

Right now, they are preparing a full-length album, in which each song is described as a painting. Meanwhile, we can listen the two songs off their debut EP on Bandcamp. As a first taste we chose “Espero”, an ideal song for folk lovers.


Jazmín Esquivel y los Alces on Bandcamp, Facebook.

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