Jazz the Roots

Jazz the Roots take us on a cosmic trip to “Lúpiter”, a planet of dense rhythms and grandiose, sprawling soundscapes.

For their sophomore album, Jazz The Roots bring a collection of themes that incorporates element of hip-hop, psychedelia, jazz, ska, and reggae for a result that is at times very laid-back and at others gets really hectic and crowded. It is best described as a sonic journey that must be experienced first-hand, allowing the sounds to conjure images in your head as the quintet guides you through the album’s twelve tracks.

Featured in the album are three chilean guests Tiano Bless, Matiah Chinaski and Como Asesinar a Felipes’ incendiary Koala Contreras, collaborations that came together during the album’s recording sessions, which were held in Santiago de Chile, where their guitarist originally hails from.

“Lúpiter” shows a band that, while being composed of musicians that are brilliant individually, as a group they form a cohesive, spacious sound in which their individual sounds play off each other in very interesting ways.


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