Jean Jean

Breath-taking mix of elements from both post-rock and math rock from the acclaimed French (yes) trio Jean Jean.

That awkward moment when you propose a brilliant Belgian song to the beehype colleagues, only to discover when you start writing an article about it, that’s it’s not a Belgian song at all, but a French one. Blame it on the boogie, and write an article anyway, right?

So here’s Jean Jean from France, a band that’s been going for about a decade now, even though I discovered it as recently as early 2018 when they opened for a Belgian twosome called Madensuyu at Eden in Charleroi. The guys have been going places, having played over 100 concerts outside their home country, travelling mainly to the USA and Asia.

Their new album “Froidepierre” was released in February on a few labels, amongst others on Belgium’s Black Basset Records, hence my confusion. “Aozora”, the song we are highlighting today, offers a breath-taking mix of elements from both post-rock and math rock, changing mood, intensity and complexity over and over in a relatively short time span of 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

With keys, drums and guitars Jean Jean take you on an instrumental trip. They convinced me on stage with an irresistible performance. “Aozora” and the other songs on “Froidepierre” are equally fascinating.

Stream “Froidepierre” LP on Bandcamp.


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