Jef Maarawi

Brazilian-born musician and actor Jef Maarawi releases his first solo album, and it’s lovely.

Three years ago, in our Best of 2014 Videos from Around the World list we mentioned, among many other great videos, Egg Hell’s “Suffering”, a wonderful piece that was mainly shot in the sea, accompanying the touching indie song.

In a few days their singer, Jef Maarawi, releases his first solo album, “Comfort Food”, a joyous and affecting pack of songs that was recorded in King Elephant’s studio during 2016.

The album contains ten folk-rock compositions that reveal his equal influences by first-class songwriters as Bonnie Prince Billy, Father John Misty, Bill Callahan or Jeff Buckley, to name a few.

Meanwhile, soft touches by the Brazilian music culture (he was born in Sao Paulo, but lived most of his life in Athens) give to his songs even more depth and colour.

And although you won’t experience something unprecedented or listen to anything new musically, you will definitely appreciate his honest approach, you will be touched by his slightly weedy and gentle voice, you will be interested in his spiritual stories and you will finally enjoy his clipped harmonies and pop melodies.

There is inherent melancholia and elegance here, an intriguing mix of indie rock, folk and Brazilian sounds that is well served.


Photo: Danilo Arenas

Jef Maarawi on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp.

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