Jess Connelly

Having heard Jess Connelly’s recent works, you might start thinking the best R&B these days comes from Manila.

Jess Connelly has been active on the Philippines’s capital scene for around half a decade now, gradually moving from the prolific local underground to the light, especially after the relese of the EP “How I Love” late 2015, her collaboration with CRWN.

Getting international recognition also outside of Asia seems also just a matter of time with the quality of music she’s been offering, and that would be more than deserved – especially after her recent offerings.

This year, she brought us just two but magnificent tracks, each one in collaboration with a different producer.

First, just before the summer, came “Turn Me Down” produced by Lustbass, a classic neo soul song with multilayered vocals, cautious piano theme in the background and a steady groove.

In a way, it was the essence of Jessica’s style to date, and one the best R&B tracks you might hear this year not only out of the Philippines.

Today, however, she released another gem called “Deep + Involved”, this time produced by Similarobjects. Mysterious and minimal, it brings her vocals even more to the front, especially in the mid part with a dialogue between rich chorus and solo part.

As with all the recent music of Jess Connelly, it’s recommended to have your headphones on, and give each track at least a few of spins. And let’s hope next year brings Jess Connelly’s long-awaited full-length.


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