Jófríður Ákadóttir has been a cult star in Iceland since she emerged, aged just 16, as one half of Pascal Pinon — a peaceful folk duo, with her twin sister Ásthildur.

Her breathy, whispered vocals soon found a new direction in the propulsive, 90s influenced electronica trio Samaris, which signed to One Little Indian, alongside Björk, Ólöf Arnalds and Ásgeir. Next came GANGLY, a low-key electronic pop project. It quickly became clear that Jófríður is one of the most talented and distinctive presences in the Icelandic music scene.

Now aged 23, and still not creatively content, Jófríður has also founded a solo project under the moniker JFDR. It’s perhaps “the most Jófríður” of all her projects — given full creative control, she gradually weaved the mesmerising, poetic song cycle that became her debut album, “Brazil”.

“Instant Patience” demonstrates just what makes Jófríður’s solo debut so special. The lyrics contain a preternatural level of wisdom that transcends her tender age in a spine-tingling, singular love song, set to an intimate black and white video by rising director Samantha Shay.

The rest of “Brazil” is just as engaging. It’s a song, an album, and an artist to remember.

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