Music for a post-everything world by Romanian-born, Berlin-based, up-and-coming producer Jinka.

First a bass that sounds like Bloc Party pre-Intimacy, then a kind of glockenspiel and a punchy kick drum. Elements that evoke three different sonic worlds – indie rock, folk pop and electronic music – that you wouldn’t expect to connect well. Well, Jinka doesn’t care. For her, it’s all “Trash from the Past”, as the title of her first song suggests.

The Transylvanian producer has set up shop in West Berlin and produces her surreal tracks all by herself. There is no information about any upcoming releases yet, but judging by her first single, she surely has a lot of aces up her sleeve.

It is barely two and a half minutes, but “Trash from the Past” manages to free itself from preconceived genre restrictions. The song reminds me of Farao’s 2015 debut “Till It’s All Forgotten” in that it sounds timeless: it could have been released in the late 90s, in 2017 or sometime in the future, its sonic identity doesn’t depend on one decade’s specific aesthetic standards.

According to Jinka, the song’s lyrics are about “the comforting message that the ability to forget is a strange skill facilitating the pursuit of happiness.”

Musically, she willingly “forgets” about music history, throwing in the mix whatever elements fit into her tracks like an Ableton alchemist. It’s music for a post-everything world, and catchy as hell.


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