Talent runs in the family. You should already be familiar with the name Arkadiusz Glensk, a singer-songwriter who performs under the moniker Fismoll. His younger sister, Joanna, has been known for playing cello on some of his tracks.

In January, however, she released her first original song called “God You’ve Never Drowned the Place”, which was recently followed by “So Shy”.

Musically, Joan’s style doesn’t fall far from her brother’s oeuvre. In fact, Fismoll contributes backing vocals to her latest piece imbuing it with a familiar feel. “So Shy” relies largely on the acoustic sound of piano and cello, backed with some guitar licks and insulated drum beat. It starts with a whisper and gently unfolds in a similarly soft manner.

Joan has a delicate, fragile voice, but it is her knack for songwriting that makes “So Shy” into a standout entrée to her own body of work. The combination of refined arrangements with an atmosphere that is both intimate and spacious creates a strong feeling of immersion, and makes one wonder what she is yet capable of.


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