Joaquín Cornejo

When centuries-old mysticism meets contemporary electronica and minimalism, magical things happen.

Joaquín Cornejo currently lives in the UK and earlier was based in Berlin for a while, but his inspirations and approach to rhythms clearly come from his homeland, Ecuador. But there’s so much more: samples, noises, field recordings, and silence.

As the result, he has a central place among the many talented Latin American producers who combine Latin American tradition with contemporary music. But if you fell in love, for example, with Nicolas Jaar years ago, Cornejo’s music will also work for you.

His new EP is called “Barro”, and it came out just a few weeks ago via the German-based, global-focused label Shika Shika.

“Barro” includes four tracks and features three quests: Felipe Cornejo (double bass on the first track), Anna Bailey (vocals on the third track) and the voices of Mbya Guarani Choir in the glorious final track “Omyaña”, which will make you smile after the whole journey.

Just 20-minutes long, this release might seem to short to fully immerse yourself in the “Barro” trance. But we’ve got a simple solution to this EP’s only problem: just use the repeat button like we did and spend some more time in this magical place.

Stream “Barro” EP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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