Johannes Räihä

Everything will be fine.

This summer I’ve spent five weeks in my summer cottage in the Swedish woods and every morning I got up and turned on the radio. And every time it took a song or two before I went over to my phone and started to listen Johannes Räihä’s new EP “Den Varmaste Kontinenten” (“The Warmest Continent”).

Johannes’ music puts me in a safe place, like a warm hand on my shoulder and a best friend that’s always near. The song called “Thom” captures that in a beautiful way. It’s about being close to a friend who’s having a bad time. About being there to infuse some hope, love and happiness.

The opening line: “You’ve been stucked, in some kind of damn hole, but like the sun behind the clouds I promise that everything will be fine.” After that they take one-way-tickets to Milano and New York and toghether with the simple life (the band Whitney and Peroni) they take the days as they come. Because everything will be fine.

Johannes Räihä writes music as if it was a diary, and the songs on the EP mention different people who surround his life. Sometimes the lyrics get a bit trite and corny but that doesn’t really bother me because he finds small things and makes them larger than life.

The music bears the same brilliancy, its simple but perfect, just like life should be.

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