Jonas Drema

Sometimes the first impression is the fairest. Just as the cover of the “Cabin In The Woods” EP suggests, listening to it will make you feel really warm. You’ll find six good old friends inside the cabin, each using the same method to guide listeners through their own different stories.

“I recommend listening to all the songs in order because this will help empathize with the story better“, – said the producer, a young (he’s only 21!) and promising Lithuanian named Jonas Drema.

Among musicians, he’s better known as talented drummer Jonas Gliaudelis, who plays in lots of established jazz, soul, hip hop and pop music projects both in Lithuania and abroad. Some of his colleagues – Daiva Starinskaite (LT), Cherry On Top (LT), and Ka Boukie (UK) – are featured in several EP tracks as well.

Cabin In The Woods“, a freshly released continuous music story, is all about jazz meeting hip hop and soul. Sometimes they listen to each other, sometimes they talk all at once, but they never fight.

Although Robert Glasper and Flying Lotus are popular in Lithuania, there aren’t many local musicians who experiment with this type of music. That’s why hearing the way Jonas managed to master all the musical instruments, layers and sounds inside his cabin (while keeping it comfortable and not too crowded inside) is even more enjoyable.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself – all you have to do now is to sit back, relax and wrap your ears around his spicy cozy tunes.

Stream “Cabin In The Woods” LP on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.


Picture: Vykintas Pakalka

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