Croatian post-punk stars are back with a somber but ear-catching new single.

It has been several years since we introduced Jonathan for the first time. At that time, they were one of the most promising bands in Croatia that followed British post-punk. Today we can confirm they are a really great band.

In the last several years, they have released a double album – “To Love” in 2017 and one year later “To Hold”. Both parts got great feedback from the public and critics, so it wasn’t a surprise to see Jonathan becoming one of the biggest live rock attractions in Croatia. Recently, “To Love” and “To Hold” have got what they deserve – a deluxe double vinyl release.

To celebrate this, they have decided to present their completely new work, a single called “Falling” about the time we are living in.

Although the theme is not so bright and optimistic, the sound is very powerful and upbeat, and we look forward to see them live once cultural events get the opportunity to restart again.

For now, their plan is to release single by single and in the end to collect everything on a new album.


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