Juana Molina

Hallucinogenic story of a despotic fashion designer played by Juana Molina herself.

One of her country’s most acclaimed musicians on the international level – as well as number #2 in our Best of 2017 album round-up for Argentina – Juana Molina recently shared a new and weird single off her latest full-length effort entitled “Halo”.

While the song “Cosoco” alone was one of the highlights of that release, now it gets even more special because of the phenomenal video treatment from the trio of directors: Alejandro Ros, Ian Kornfeld and Juana herself. And even more bizarre with this hallucinogenic story of a despotic fashion designer from the industrial revolution.

“Cosoco” sees Juana come back to a TV character she played years ago. And quite like with the best fashion designers, the work itself won’t let you guess which decade it comes from, but you would immediately guess the name of the creator.

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